Evaluating the impact of arts and cultural education

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Evaluating the impact of arts and cultural education


In January 2007 on the initiative of the French Ministry of National Education higher Education and Research and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication the Centre Pompidou hosted a research symposium on evaluating the impact of arts and cultural education.
Some fifty researchers from Europe and across the world met to share their work consider progress already made and gain an overview of ongoing research.
Drawing on developmental psychology sociology educational theory and cognitive science ten round-table discussions offered an in-depth examination of such questions as :
What can be evaluated and how? What are the effects of arts and cultural education on cross-cutting skills and artistic and cultural practices? Do the different arts have different specific effects? What is the impact of partnerships between teachers and artists and other cultural professionals? Taking account of recent research in Europe and elsewhere the goal of the symposium was to highlight the effects of the various educational approaches that put art at the heart of the learning process.

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