Report made in the name of the Monitoring group for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom and the rebuilding of the European Union

Auteur(s) moral(aux) : Sénat


NOTA BENE : consulter la version française de ce rapport.\« On 25 March 2017 European Union member states will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Shaken by Brexit, the European Union is also facing serious internal crises including the debt crisis, refugee crisis and terrorist attacks. The impact on public opinion in regard to the European project is a particular concern. This report is addressed to the leaders of a Europe searching for vision and leadership, plagued by dislocation and fragmentation. It proposes a roadmap for European recovery. The shock of Brexit must be a catalyst to relaunch the European project, focusing on the priorities of European citizens namely security and growth. The Senate's roadmap for European recovery : A powerful Europe : Europe must consider itself to be and act as a power, by reinforcing European defence , the fight against terrorism, the response to the migration crisis (Schengen, border control, etc.) and by better defending its business interests.The contours of the Union must be stabilised by putting expansion on hold for the time being. A competitive and job-creating Europe: Europe must devise new projects for growth (numeric, energy, etc.).The competition policy must be applied to industrial revitalisation, investment and employment. The EU must finalise the governance of the euro. A clear and close Europe: The Union must refocus on the essentials, areas where added value can be clearly identified. Simplification and subsidiarity must become central.The European Council must define the action priorities. The monitoring mandate of national parliaments must be reinforced ». "Source Sénat

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Autre titre : Titre de couverture : Reviving Europe : rediscovering the spirit of Rome

Type de document : Rapport parlementaire

Pagination : 85 pages

Collection : Les Rapports du Sénat

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